Ferrari Hybrid Patents Revealed

When most people think of hybrids, they think of the Chevrolet Volt or the Toyota Prius.  Nobody thinks of Ferrari.  In fact, most would think of Ferrari as the “anti-hybrid” car.  The company is known, of course, for building the sports car fanatics sports cars – vehicles that are all about power and performance, not economy.

Apparently that isn’t the view at Ferrari HQ, as they’ve been considering a hybrid power train for some time.  Car and Driver uncovered patents filed by Ferrari for a hybrid power train that involves two motors and uses the kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) made famous in Formula One racing and now in use in Gran Tourismo cars, including Porsche’s 911 racer.

The patent has both a battery and a supercapacitor involved along with those two electric motors, which vary in position according to which part of the patent filing you’re looking at.  They alternate between the cylinders on the V-engine and at the rear axle.

The two motors aren’t necessarily both for propelling the car, however.  One would do that, but the other would be used to run accessories, taking weight off the engine and improving economy and efficiency – and performance, incidentally.

The benefits?  Faster acceleration, better economy, more power with less, and quicker response times from various systems.  Win-win-win-win all the way around.

Except, its’ suspected, to the pocketbook of the car buyer.  Of course, being Ferrari, the clientele usual to the company won’t mind forking over a few extra thousand dollars so they can have “hybrid” stamped onto their car.  Strangely enough, these high-dollar purchases would likely qualify for a bunch of tax incentives.

The patents clearly refer to a front-mounted, 90-degree engine.  Only one Ferrari has that right now: the California (pictured).  Could this be the next (appropriately-named) hybrid?

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