California Testing Heavy-Duty Hybrid Earth Movers

from GreenBigTruck

California is readying emission testing for six heavy-duty diesel hybrids next year in a study to be conducted by the University of California Riverside.  The state is looking to see how these hybrid construction machines save on emissions.

The study will put half a dozen earth movers from Caterpillar and Komatsu (both pioneering hybrid systems in heavy machines) to various tests to get an average emissions and fuel savings profile.

The purpose of the study is to give the California Air Resources Board (CARB) a profile to work from for setting tax incentives and other means of encouraging the adoption of heavy-duty hybrid machines in non-highway use.

Caterpillar says that their machines are 20-25% more efficient than their non-hybrid counterparts.  This would mean that one hybrid bulldozer in an average year’s use would save about as much fuel as 14 Toyota Prius in that same time.

The machines being tested are the Caterpillar D7E hybrid bulldozer (built at the Cat plant in Peoria, Ill.) and the other is the Komatsu HB215LC-1 excavator built in Osaka, Japan.

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