Hybrid Cars

48V LC Super Hybrid Makes World Debut

The Advanced Lead-Acid Battery Consortium (ALABC) and Controlled Power Technologies (CPT) will take centre stage when they showcase their affordable energy efficient low carbon 48 volt LC Super Hybrid technology demonstrator at the International Vienna Motor Symposium, which will be… Continue reading

Peugeot and Total to showcase 208 HYbrid FE at Geneva

Peugeot and Total will showcase the 208 HYbrid FE (Fun and Efficient) concept vehicle at the Geneva motor show. The hybrid, optimized for fuel efficiency accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in 8 seconds, and has very low CO2 emissions of 49 g/km.

The concept—based on the Peugeot 208—features Peugeot and Total’s latest innovations in aerodynamics, weight-saving and drivetrains.

The project is based on the very efficient 208 1.0-liter VTi 68 bhp, which will be extensively evolved. The style and the aerodynamics will be the first visible elements. Redesigned, the 208 HYbrid FE will be more aerodynamic with a much lower co-efficient of drag (Cd) than that of the production model, while retaining its occupant space. Special tires and wheels will contribute to reduce rolling resistance. Continue reading

Cadillac extended range electric vehicle ELR to be built at Detroit-Hamtramck

GM will build the Cadillac ELR, a luxury coupe featuring extended-range electric technology, at the Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly, General Motors North America President Mark Reuss said Tuesday. The ELR is the production version of Cadillac’s Converj, a concept vehicle revealed at the North… Continue reading

Volkswagen offering hybrid version of new Touareg Edition X

Volkswagen has introduced a new Touareg model to mark the 10th anniversary of the model’s world premiere at the Paris Motor Show, the Touareg Edition X. The Touareg Edition X can be ordered with a choice of five engine/gearbox combinations, including a hybrid version.

Prices… Continue reading

What A Plug-In Hybrid Does

It’s no secret plug-in hybrids are becoming more and more interesting to weary buyers anxiously seeing gasoline prices fluctuating. Plug-in hybrids, PHEV offer the best of both worlds but what exactly are they?

by Nicolas Zart, TorqueNews

If hybrids are… Continue reading

2013 BMW X1 for US to offer brake regen, start/stop and ECO PRO mode

BMW will bring the globally successful (275,000 units sold so far) X1 to the US in the fall of 2012. Unlike other BMW SAVs, X1s destined for the US will be built in BMW’s Leipzig, Germany plant. The popularity of the X1… Continue reading

Infiniti Emerge-E RE-EV Sports Car Concept Unveils at Geneva

The Infiniti EMERG-E being unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show is a mid-ship, electric-motor-powered sports car concept featuring a range-extender powertrain—equipped with axial flux motors from EVO Electric and a range extending engine from Lotus Engineering—that delivers high-performance as well… Continue reading

2012 Fisker Karma Range-Extended Electric Car

The Fisker Karma is a gasoline electric car that operates as a range-extended electric vehicle (RE-EV).  This luxury sedan is, for many in the alternative vehicle industry, the epitome of design, style, and efficiency in the current production of hybrid… Continue reading

Hybrid Cars – the Basics

Emissions from the traditionally fueled vehicles today are slowly killing the Earth and its people. Moreover, conventional vehicles are utilizing so much oil that our world is practically drained of it and new supplies are getting harder and harder to… Continue reading